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FUNCTIONAL Low-Calorie Sweetener Applications

Saigao Nutri supplies Low-calorie sweeteners for diverse industries which helps our customers to be more competitive in their market. We are experts in producing functional sugar for Food and Beverage, nutrition, bakery and snacks, dairy and other industries.

The food additives supplied by Saigao, a reliable food additives manufacturer, have exceptionally pure sweetness that is completely free of secondary flavors and aftertastes. It can greatly enhance the flavor and aroma of food, beverage, nutrition, bakery, dairy, confectionery, etc.

Why Choose SAIGAO?

Saigao company is a food additives supplier that is committed to the development of alternative sweeteners and biological fermentation industry, gradually from the production of functional food supplements, to the focus of industrial advantages, committed to improving the cause of nutrition and health and providing food additives at reasonable prices, the core products are resistant dextrin, oligofructose, Isomaltooligosaccharide, polysaccharose, maltitol, galactooligosaccharide, xylooligosaccharide, etc. 

  • The most advanced production equipment in the world
  • 100% inspection. The most advanced testing equipment.
  • Passed ISO international food safety certification.
  • One of the world's largest food additive manufacturers
  • The best food additives at the lowest price
Safety and Best quality food additives After-Sale Service

✔ 100%guarantee quality.

✔ Strictly comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Law.

✔ Strictly implement national food safety laws and regulations.

✔ Establish a perfect after-sales service system.

✔ Ensure the establishment of a food recall system.

✔ Qualified certificate of food quality inspection

There are news & updates about Saigaonutri, a supplier of functional sugar and biological fermentation industry.
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