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Saigao Nutri supplies Low-calorie sweeteners for diverse industries which helps our customers to be more competitive in their market. We are experts in producing functional sugar for Food and Beverage, nutrition, bakery and snacks, dairy and other industries.

The food additives supplied by Saigao, a reliable food additives manufacturer, have exceptionally pure sweetness that is completely free of secondary flavors and aftertastes. It can greatly enhance the flavor and aroma of food, beverage, nutrition, bakery, dairy, confectionery, etc.

Key Area of Expertise

We are Experts in Producing Low-Calorie Sweenter

Soluble Fiber Dietary
Soluble Fiber Dietary
Dietary fiber is a kind of polysaccharide, which can neither be digested and absorbed by gastrointestinal tract, nor generate energy.
Oligosaccharide is a new product with a wide range of applications and application prospects, which has become quite popular internationally in recent years.
Sugar Alcohol Series
Sugar Alcohol Series
Sugar alcohols are the reduction of monosaccharides to corresponding polyols by catalytic hydrogenation and sodium borohydride reduction.
Allulose, also known as D-psicose, is an epimer of fructose with the same molecular formula as glucose and fructose.
There are news & updates about Saigaonutri, a supplier of functional sugar and biological fermentation industry.
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