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Sugar and Calorie Reduction

At present, one of our healthy low-calorie sweetener products, oligosaccharide, is widely used for sugar and calorie reduction. As a general term consisting of 2 to 20 monosaccharides, such as glucose (the smallest unit of carbohydrate), the oligosaccharide is a type of carbohydrate (sugar). Since the prefix "Oligo" actually means "small/decimal", oligosaccharide is also called small sugars.

About 20 types of oligosaccharides can be digested and absorbed in the stomach and small intestine, and there are indigestible oligosaccharides that are difficult to digest and absorb.

Functional Sugar for Calorie Reduction

  • Functional Sugar for Calorie Reduction 01

    Since indigestible oligosaccharides are not degraded by digestive enzymes, they will not be digested and absorbed in the stomach or small intestine and reach the large intestine. Oligosaccharides that have reached the large intestine become feed for bifidobacteria and have the effect of increasing harmful bacteria such as bifidobacteria (prebiotics), and therefore have the effect of preparing the intestinal environment. Oligosaccharides can also stimulate the large intestine and activate peristalsis, which effectively improves and prevents constipation.

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    When constipation accumulates in the intestine, toxins enter the blood from the capillaries of the large intestine, causing skin irritation such as acne and pimple. It is expected that functional sugars like oligosaccharides have a beautiful skin effect because they can help to release the waste in the intestines, thereby leading to smoother skin.

  • Functional Sugar for Calorie Reduction 03

    Since indigestible oligosaccharides are hardly digested and absorbed, they have the effect of suppressing a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Oligosaccharides are also less effective in dieting because they have lower calories than glucose. Moreover, oligosaccharides also have a preventive effect on dental caries.

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    Oligosaccharides can prevent arteriosclerosis. Beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria have the function of increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. As HDL cholesterol increases, LDL (bad) cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood decrease, and oligosaccharides can prevent arteriosclerosis. The effect of the low-calorie sugar can suppress the increase of blood sugar level, which is effective for a low-calorie diet.

Uses of Oligosaccharides

According to the raw material, the effect of oligosaccharides is different. The main oligosaccharides have the following types: Trehalose, galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, soybean oligosaccharides.

In addition to the above-mentioned function of oligosaccharides, oligosaccharides are contained in milk, vegetables, honey, soybeans, etc., but due to a small amount, it is difficult to ingest oligosaccharides from food and is now artificially manufactured to provide effective ways for sugar and calorie reduction.

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