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Saigao Stachyose

Saigao Stachyose

Stachyose is a naturally occurring tetrasaccharide withthe molecular formula C24H42O21,the relative molecular weight is 666.59.Its structure consists of two galactose,one glucose and one fructose.It is a non reducing functional oligosaccharide.Stachyose is not decomposed by human gastrointrstinal digestive juice and belongs to soluble dietary fiber.[1]


Note:[1] From QB/T 4260-2018

The Physicochemical Properties of Stachyose

  • Stachyose is white powder in appearance and tastes fresh without peculiar smell.

  • Stachyose sweetness is 22% of sucrose sweetness.

  • It is easily soluble in water with a solubility of 130g(20℃),it is different from organic solvents such as ether and ethanol.

  • The moisture retention and hygroscopicity are less than sucrose,but higher than high fructose syrup.

  • The osmotic pressure is almost the same with sucrose.

  • The melting point is 101℃,the crystallization water is lost after vacuum heating to 115℃,and the melting point of anhydrous stachyose is 167℃~170℃.

  • Stachyose has no reducibility.

Physiological Characteristics of Stachyose

1. Proliferate bifidobacteria and regulate the balance of intestinal flora.Stachyose can be effectively utilized by human intestinal bifidobacteria,under the condition that a variety of non-digestible sugars exist at the same time,bifidobacteria preferentially consume stachyose,so stachyose can directly proliferate bifidobacteria.

2. Relieve constipation and prevent diarrhea.Stachyose is a small molecule water-soluble dietary fiber, which is used by bifidobacteria in the large intestine to produce a large number of short chain fatty acids and enhance intestinal function. At the same time, stachyose has more hydroxyl groups in the structure, which has a strong role in absorbing water in the intestine and alleviating diarrhea.

3. Protect the liver:Stachyose can reduce the ammonia produced by amino acid decomposition in the intestine by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting harmful bacteria, which can be absorbed into the blood through the intestine, so as to avoid ammonia poisoning, fight liver cirrhosis and prevent hepatic encephalopathy.

4. Immunomodulatory function:In stachyose molecules α- 1,6-galactose structure can participate in biological processes such as immunity, adsorption between pathogens and cells, so that stachyose has the functions of preventing pathogen infection, neutralizing toxins and immune regulation system.In addition, stachyose can decompose and produce multiple immune function factors to improve human immunity under the action of bifidobacteria, which has the ability to improve human immunity.

5. Promote lead removal.Stachyose can greatly reduce the residence time of food residues in the intestine and expel the lead entering the human body through food and the complex lead entering the intestine through bile.On the other hand, stachyose can greatly reduce the intestinal absorption of lead by promoting the synthesis of B vitamins.

6. Regulate blood glucose and lipid metabolism.It has been reported that stachyose (200mg/kg/d) can improve glucose and lipid metabolism in type 2 diabetic mice, and significantly reduce fasting blood glucose, three glycerol and total cholesterol levels.


Animal nutritional function of stachyose


Reference dosage of stachyose

Regulate intestinal flora balance:0.5~3 g per day,take it continuously for 15 ~ 30 days.

Regulate constipation:5~10 g per day for adult and 1~3 g per day for childred,take it continuously for 1~7 days.

Poultry feed production: Add 0.5~1.0% in the ration.

Pig feed production:Add 0.8~1.0% in the ration.

Aquaculture: Add 0.8~1.25% into the feed.

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