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Artificial Sweeteners in Bakery and Snacks

Functional sugars are a type of sugar carbohydrates with special effects, mainly including functional oligosaccharides, functional dietary fibers and functional sugar alcohols. Due to the special effects of functional sugar, it can be added as a functional ingredient in the food, and can also be used as a substitute for sucrose in food to reduce the impact of sugar in food on special people. From a purely chemical point of view, functional sugars actually refer to functional oligosaccharides, functional dietary fibers, functional sugar alcohols, and other substances with special physiological effects. 

Sugar Substitute For Baking

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    As a very good functional food ingredient, functional sugar has been widely used in various fields such as food, health care products, medicines, and feeds. In particular, people's awareness of dietary health is increasing, and the trend of healthy food consumption is obvious. 

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    The advent of the era of animal resistance-free has further enhanced the application of functional sugars in the field of animal nutrition. The National Public Nutrition Center has also added oligosaccharides and other prebiotics and probiotic products to food as a kind of public nutrition improvement project, and gradually promoted the application of healthy low-calorie sweetener in the food field.

The Application of Artificial Sweenteners in Bakery and Snacks


Functional sugars have stable properties and are suitable for addition to various beverages, which not only maintain the unique style of the beverage but also have certain health care functions. It can be added to carbonated drinks, soy milk drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, tea drinks, nutritious drinks, and other beverages.

Dairy products

Prebiotics has been widely used in dairy products. From room temperature milk to infant milk powder at various stages, different prebiotics is added. Compound prebiotics combines fructooligosaccharides and galactooligosaccharides and is applied to infants and young children. Milk powder can synergistically improve the baby's intestinal health.

Baked food

Oligosaccharides and dietary fibers have good moisturizing and antibacterial properties. They are added as one of the baking ingredients with the best quality to the sweet fillings of pastries or snacks to provide a soft sweetness and extend the shelf life of the product. It can be added to various breads, cakes, biscuits, pastries, moon cakes, and various fillings.


Functional sugar has a good heat resistance and remains stable at boiling temperature. Therefore, there are no special technical requirements when using it to make candies. In addition, in chocolate products, adding polydextrose can be used to reduce the heat of chocolate and strengthen the fiber content. The non-hygroscopic feature of erythritol can avoid the frosting of chocolate caused by hygroscopic sugar.

Wine industry

Using the sweetness characteristics of oligofructose and fructooligosaccharides, it can replace sucrose as a sugar source for alcohol. Taking advantage of its non-fermentation, adding black rice wine, yellow wine, thick wine, and other fermented wines to aging to make nutritious sweet wine health care products. In addition, adding the correct types of sugar alcohols to healthy wines can conceal the bad flavor of health wines to a certain extent, and can Promote the combination of ethanol molecules and water molecules in the solution, thereby reducing the alcohol odor and sensory stimulation of alcoholic beverages, and improving the taste of alcoholic beverages.

Animal nutrition

Feeding animals with feed supplemented with isomaltose can improve the micro-ecological environment in their intestines, improve their health, and improve the animal's disease resistance while increasing feed utilization and weight gain. Compared with commonly used veterinary health products, it has the advantages of no residue, no pollution, no toxic side effects, etc.

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