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Maltitol Crystals

Maltitol Crystals

Maltitol Crystals is a low-calorie sweetener of colorless transparent, neutrally sticky, easy dissolved in water. Its sweetness is similar to sugar and has high stability. crystalline maltitol is one of the ingredients to lose weight fast. So it is suitable for the production of low quantity of heat, low-fat food. Nowadays, maltitol crystals are commonly seen in the market. As one of the professional maltitol suppliers in China, Saigao Nutri can provide you with high-quality crystalline maltitol at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Specifications of Maltitol Crystals

PROJECTCrystallize Maltitol
IIIMalititol Syrup
count of maltitol (in dry basis),W%≤985050
sorbitol(in dry basis),W%≤-88
Water, W%≤1132
Reducing sugar (count as gluscose), W%≤
Ignition residue, W%≤
Specific rotation-3--
suiphate( count asS04 (mg/kg)100100100
prussizte ( count as c1)/ (mg/kg) ≤505050
nichel( count as Ni)(mg/kg)≤222
Total arsenic (count as As) / (mg/kg)≤33-

Applications of Crystal Maltitol

Because of the special skill, crystalline maltitol has been widely used in food, health care products, daily health products, such as ice cream, juice products, biscuits, pickles, candy, etc.

Like dietary fiber, maltitol crystals can be decomposed to produce short-chain fatty acids under the action of intestinal bacteria, inhibiting the occurrence of colorectal cancer, and can be used to produce health foods with dietary fiber effects.


Crystalline Maltitol Benefits

Crystalline Maltitol Benefits

Crystalline maltitol has noteworthy functions of regulating blood sugar, reducing fat, preventing caries, and so on. Because of the special skill, maltitol crystals have been widely used in food, health care products, daily health products, such as ice cream, juice products, biscuits, pickles, candy, etc.

The Purposes/Properties of Crystal Malititol

Functional features Edit Noncorrosive
Functional features Edit Noncorrosive

Crystalline maltitol is not an acid-producing substrate, and almost does not cause bacteria to synthesize insoluble glycans. Therefore, maltitol crystals is new noncorrosive glycogen that is extremely difficult to form caries.

Promote The Absorption Of Calcium
Promote The Absorption Of Calcium

Animal experiments show that maltitol crystals can promote intestinal absorption of calcium, increase bone mass, and enhance bone strength. Do not stimulate the secretion of insulin: crystalline maltitol is difficult to digest and absorb. If you ask the question "what does sugar alcohol do to diabetics?", the answer would be "maltitol can be used as a sweetener for diabetic patients, as we know maltitol is a kind of sugar alcohol."

Inhibit The Accumulation Of Excessive Fat In The Body
Inhibit The Accumulation Of Excessive Fat In The Body

If you take high fat and sugar at the same time, it is easy to increase the accumulation of fat in the body because it stimulates the secretion of insulin and increases the activity of the lipolytic enzyme. If maltitol such as maltitol powder is used as a low-calorie sweetener to make high-fat food such as ice cream, cake, and chocolate, it can be expected to reduce the excessive accumulation of fat in the body because it will not stimulate insulin secretion.


Maltitol in the human body can hardly be decomposed by saliva, gastric juice, small intestine membrane enzymes, etc. except for one part of intestinal bacteria, the rest can not be digested and discharged from the body. About 10% of maltitol syrup ingredients absorbed in the human body is used as energy after decomposition and absorption in the small intestine. Therefore, the heat value of maltitol cyrstals can be calculated to be about 2keal / G by adding the absorption of maltitol in the small intestine, and the absorption of short-chain fatty

Crystal Maltitol Uses

Crystal Maltitol Uses

As for Crystal Maltitol, it can be widely applied in industries like beverage, bakery and snacks, dairy products, etc. Capable of increasing satiety and reducing the absorption of other nutrients simultaneously, it can greatly help people to prevent diabetes from happening.

Purchase and Store Maltitol Crystals from Saigaonutri: 

1. Store the maltitol crystals in dry and cool conditions and keep them away from materials with odor or volatilization. It is also important to protect the maltitol powder and maltitol syrup ingredients from water and wet.

2. Better to use the crystalline maltitol within 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Where to Buy Maltitol Sweetener?

The answer to this question is Saigao Nutri! As one of the mature maltitol powder suppliers in China, we not only supply maltitol crystals at the best price, but we can also make orders and shipments in accordance with your own requests time. Customs clearance documents are also available. When it comes to market changes, we will also update and regulate the price of our maltitol syrup and powder ingredients in time. Customized packages are also available, and we can send you photos before each shipment.

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