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The viscosity of fuctional sugar, for example, maltitol powder, can effectively delay the absorption of glucose, inhibit the rise of blood sugar, and improve glucose tolerance. And all of these characteristics are extremely beneficial to people with diabetes.

Healthy Sweeteners For Diabetics

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    When low-calorie sugar alternatives like soluble dietary fiber enter the digestive tract, they can absorb water, expand in the stomach, increase gastric motility, and delay the speed of stomach contents entering the small intestine. By taking the functional sugars, the small intestine's absorption of nutrients speeds can be effectively slowed down. At the same time, the low-calorie sweetener can also make people feel full, which is beneficial to reducing food intake for patients with diabetes and obesity.

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    Generally, functional sugars, like sugar alcohols, non-gmo resistant dextrin, and so on, can effectively increase the sensitivity of tissue cells to insulin and reduce the need for insulin, thus having a certain effect on diabetes prevention.

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    Having the ability to bind to cations, artificial sweeteners like dietary fiber can also hinder the absorption of inorganic salts in the intestinal tract, while alginic acid (a soluble DF) with ion exchange capacity can adsorb sodium salts and be excreted with feces, thereby reducing blood pressure.

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