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Allulose Syrup

Allulose Syrup

Just as allulose powder, allulose syrup is another type of physical form of the low-calorie sweetener, which is a light yellow liquid. This healthy sweetener produced by allulose manufacturers can not only help to displace the high calories and decrease sugars, but also be used as a one-to-one substitute with similar functional properties but not calories. It will not affect your energy in the body and without any corrosion. It can be well-processed. As a new healthy low-calorie sweetener, allulose syrup can absolutely replace the traditional sweetener in continuous food development.

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Allulose Syrup Analysis

Product name

Allulose  syrup


Light yellow liquid


Sweet, no odor

Allulose content(on dry basis),%


Water activity










Total Aerobic Count(CFU/g)


Total Coliform(MPN/100g)


Mould and Yeast(CFU/g)


Staphylococcus aureus(CFU/g)




Allulose Syrup Application & Functions

  • Application

    As one of the sugar alcohol products, it has been widely used in all kinds of food, which can replace sugar.

  • Functions

    Protect the nerve tissue.

    Low blood glucose response, inhibition of blood glucose, and fat increase.

Wholesome Allulose Syrup

  • Sweet like sugar: 70% of sucrose.

  • Prolong product's service life.

  • Low calorie: 0-0.2kcal/g and only 5% calorie of cane sugar.

  • Maillard reaction will improve product flavor.

Allulose Simple Syrup

Allulose simple syrup is a healthy low-calorie sweetener in liquid that tastes like sugar with a mild, clean sweetness, no bitterness, and no aftertaste. The natural low-calorie sweeteners are a rare monosaccharide extracted in figs, raisins, and kiwi. The low-calorie sugar alternatives are perfect for low carb diets as it has 0g net carbs per serving and no glycemic impact on blood sugar. It is naturally gluten-free and vegan, and also free from fillers and flavors making it the ideal zero-calorie sweetener.

This low-calorie sweetener dissolves easily, that's why it is able to be applied in a variety of foods, drinks, and so on. 

Allulose Syrup-Technical Data Sheet
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