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Digestive Health And Fiber Enrichment

Among all the functional sugars sold by Saigao Nutri, Dietary fiber is the one that is mostly used for digestive health and fiber enrichment. Dietary fiber refers to the sum of edible plant components, carbohydrates, and similar substances that can resist the digestion and absorption of the human small intestine and can be partially or fully fermented in the human large intestine, including polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, lignin, and related Plant matter. In daily life, people tend to confuse dietary fiber, crude fiber, and cellulose. Crude fiber is only a part of dietary fiber. It refers to the residue left by plant tissues with a certain concentration of acid, alkali, alcohol, and ether after a certain time of treatment under certain temperature conditions. Its main component is cellulose. And lignin. Cellulose is only a part of crude fiber. It is a single compound, which is a linear compound of glucose connected by β-1,4 glycosidic bonds. It can be seen that the amount of dietary fiber is more than that of crude fiber and cellulose. Crude fiber is the most common component of dietary fiber, and cellulose is the main component of dietary fiber.

Role Of Fibre In Digestion

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    The effects of water-soluble dietary fiber on the function of the large intestine include: shortening the passage time of feces, increasing the volume of feces and the frequency of defecation, diluting the contents of the large intestine, and providing a fermentable substrate for the flora normally present in the large intestine. Water-soluble dietary fiber is like a water-absorbing sponge in the large intestine, which can increase the water content of feces and make it soft.

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    At the same time, dietary fiber like the organic soluble tapioca fiber can also promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby accelerating bowel movements and producing natural laxative effects. The shortening of defecation time is beneficial to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and can prevent large amounts of bile acids from turning into carcinogens.

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    Dietary fiber can form a gelatinous substance in the small intestine to surround bile acid. The bile acid surrounded by dietary fiber cannot be absorbed back to the liver through the small intestine wall but is excreted through the digestive tract. Therefore, in order to digest the food that continuously enters the small intestine, the liver can only absorb the cholesterol in the blood to supplement the consumed bile acid, thereby reducing the cholesterol in the blood, which is conducive to reducing coronary heart disease and stroke caused by high cholesterol.

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    Cancer epidemiological studies have shown that dietary fiber or fiber-rich food intake is negatively correlated with risk factors for colon cancer. The occurrence of this type of cancer is mainly related to the long stay of carcinogens in the intestine and long-term contact with the intestinal wall. Increasing the fiber content in the diet reduces the concentration of carcinogens. In addition, dietary fiber has the effect of stimulating bowel movements, and the contact time of carcinogens with the intestinal wall is greatly shortened. However, further research is needed to draw a positive conclusion.

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