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Oat Dietary Fiber

Oat Dietary Fiber

Oat dietary fiber is made from oat bran. More than 95% of water-soluble fiber in oat is distributed in the oat bran after removing the endosperm. Oat bran contains the most abundant β Dextran, β Dextran is a soluble dietary fiber, which is a high glucan. The processed oat dietary fiber powder has a fine texture and contains a large number of beneficial ingredients for the human body.

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Features of Oat Dietary Fiber

  • Mild taste

  • Delicate texture

  • Rich in trace elements

  • Soluble in water

  • Strong water absorption

Application of Oat Dietary Fiber

  • Baked food: bread, cake, biscuits. Oat dietary fiber is highly absorbent and can ensure the soft texture of pasta.

  • It can be used as a substitute for meals, as well as a concoction for drinks such as milk or coffee.

  • In some food processing, it can be used as a thickener, seasoning, and sugar substitute, such as daily stir-frying, juice production, and marinating of meat products.

  • Functional food additives: Some people with special requirements for food, such as dieters, anti-sugar demanders, patients with heart disease, and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, can choose functional foods containing oat dietary fiber to meet the selective needs of food and assist patients in adjusting their physical status.

Function of Oat Dietary Fiber

Function of Oat Dietary Fiber

Lower cholesterol

Oat bran has a significant cholesterol lowering effect, and the main effect is β- Glucan.


Oat bran, rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, can reduce blood sugar in at least two ways:

Dietary fiber binds glucose molecules, slows their entry into the bloodstream, and reduces the concentration of glucose.

Dietary fiber inhibition α- The effect of amylase on starch extends the action time of enzymes and starch, and slows down the release of glucose.


The content of various antioxidant substances in oat bran is high, including vitamin E, phytic acid, ferulic acid, coumarin, and so on.

Reduce weight

Oat bran can reduce the content of cholesterol and other lipids in the body, effectively adsorb fat in the body, promote fat metabolism, and thereby achieve weight loss.

Prevention of colorectal diseases and cancer

Dietary fiber can effectively prevent intestinal diseases, especially colon cancer:

Probiotics in the gut can use dietary fiber to produce short chain fatty acids, which can inhibit the production of saprophytes, which are one of the carcinogens.

Dietary fiber binds bile acid and expels it from the body, preventing it from being metabolized by bacteria to generate lithocholic acid and deoxyric acid, both of which are extremely strong carcinogens.

Probiotics in the gut decompose dietary fiber to produce butyric acid, which can inhibit the growth and proliferation of tumor cells, induce tumor cells to transform into normal cells, and control the expression of oncogenes.

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