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Wheat Dietary Fiber

Wheat Dietary Fiber

Wheat dietary fiber is a category of soluble dietary fiber, which is obtained by using edible wheat bran epidermis as raw material, pre gelatinizing, gelatinizing, and then through high humidity, high pressure, expansion and reorganization to obtain wheat dietary fiber. It appears as a white powder.

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Features of Wheat Dietary Fiber

  • Higher dietary fiber content,

  • Stronger water absorption,

  • Strong wheat aroma,

  • Processed foods have a longer shelf life.

Application of Wheat Dietary Fiber

  • Pasta: bread, steamed bun, noodles, dumplings, stuffing.

  • Beverages: Various flavored beverages, functional beverages.

  • Infusion: soluble dietary fiber powder, meal substitute powder, infant milk powder.

  • Snacks: Cake, ice cream, biscuits, puffed food, etc.

Specification of Wheat Dietary Fiber

Packaging Size




Prescription/Non prescription


Packaging Type

Platic Bags

Ingredient Type




Shelf Life

12 Month

Function of Wheat Dietary Fiber

Function of Wheat Dietary Fiber

Reduce weight and sugar, lower blood lipids, relieve constipation and moisten the intestines, improve immunity, maintain the health of intestinal flora, and protect brain health.

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