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Polydextrose is a kind of soluble dietary fiber. Compared with insoluble dietary fiber, polydextrose fiber has more health function and processing advantage. Except the distinct functions with increase stool volume, enhance defecation, reduce intestinal cancer risk of insoluble dietary fiber, polydextrose soluble fiber also has the function of significantly decrease serum bile when combined with the remove of bile acids, more easily to lead to a sense of fullness, significantly reduce postprandial blood glucose levels and so on. For its characters of low calorie, stabilization, and extremely high tolerance, this kind of water-soluble dietary fiber is widely used in all kinds of food.

CAS:68424 04 4

Is Polydextrose An Artificial Sweetener?

Polydextrose is not used as a sweetener and artificial sweeteners often means high-intensity sweeteners. Polydextrose is different from general sucrose and polydextrose soluble fiber does not contain a lot of sugar, even if consumed in large quantities it will not cause sugar accumulation in the body.

Is Polydextrose A Prebiotic?

Polyglucose powder, polydextrose syrup is a kind of healthy low-calorie sweetener dietary fiber, which can replace sugar, thicken, retain water, resist starch aging, increase dietary fiber content and other functions. Application fields of polydextrose sweetener include various food, beverage, medicine and chemical industry, etc.

Is Polydextrose Safe For Diabetics?

Is Polydextrose Safe For Diabetics?

Diabetics can eat polydextrose in food. Polydextrose sweetener is not like glucose. It is a food additive, belonging to the dietary fiber class. Polydextrose syrup and polydextrose powder can be used as a substitute in sugar food. Polyglucose fiber does not contain a large amount of sugar, even if a large amount of consumption will not cause the accumulation of sugar in the body, nor will it lead to the increase of blood sugar, so diabetics can eat the food containing polyglucose appropriately. Polydextrose contains rich dietary fiber, which has a good therapeutic effect on regulating lipid metabolism, reducing cholesterol, and preventing constipation. As a professional polydextrose supplier, Saigao Nutri can provide you with high-quality polydextrose soluble fiber at competitive prices. 

Is Polydextrose Made From Corn?

Polydextrose sugar is synthesized from glucose and contains sorbitol and citric acid. Glucose, sorbitol, and citric acid are all components of corn.

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