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Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn Type) 90%

Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn Type) 90%

In 2012, the Ministry of Health of China classified resistant dextrin as a general food and recognized it as an edible dietary fiber. In addition to a small amount of α-glycosidic bonds, resistant dextrin also contains a large number of β-glycosidic bonds. The human digestive system does not have enzymes that can digest β-glycosidic bonds. Therefore, resistant dextrin cannot be hydrolyzed by the human body and is used by intestinal flora along with human intestinal peristalsis.

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Features of Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn Type) 90%

Organic resistant dextrin syrup (corn) is fermented by some intestinal beneficial bacteria to produce short-chain fatty acids, which produce more acid than the same dietary fiber. These short-chain fatty acids can prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells and effectively prevent rectal cancer.

Organic resistant dextrin syrup (corn) is a safe new dietary fiber raw material. Not only does it have very low calories, it will form a gel state after absorbing water in the gastrointestinal tract, which can dilate the gastrointestinal tract and produce a certain feeling of satiety.

Resistant dextrin absorbs water and expands, which can increase the volume of feces and promote intestinal peristalsis. It has good preventive effects on constipation, hemorrhoids, colon cancer and other diseases.

Specification of Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn Type) 90%

Product name

Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn)


From brown yellow to light yellow syrup



Total fiber content (on dry basis), %




Water Activity


Dry matter(Solid Substance), %


Total Plate Count, CFU/g


Total Coliform, MPN/100g


Mold, CFU/g


Yeast, CFU/g


Lead(Pb), mg/kg


Arsenic(As), mg/kg


Application of Organic Resistant Dextrin Syrup (Corn Type) 90%

As a safe new dietary fiber raw material, organic resistant dextrin syrup (corn) has the functional properties of dietary fiber and is considered a potential prebiotic substance with good processing properties. At present, resistant dextrin is widely used in beverages, candy, chocolate, dairy products, baking/nutrition bars and meat products, and is also added to food as a regulator in gel preparation.

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