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Guaiacol is an important fine chemical product, which is widely used in perfume, medicine, and other industries. The chemical name of guaiacol is o-methoxy phenol and its molecular formula is C7H8O2.

Guaiacol Structure


Specification of Guaiacol

Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
Strong smoky, slightly medicinal aroma
Freezing Point:
Content (GC):
200Kg PVF drum or according to customer requirements.

What is Guaiacol Used for?

Guaiacol is a kind of natural organic matter with special fragrance. Guaiacol is widely used in daily life. It can be used as an edible perfume in cigarettes, vanilla production, and coffee preparation. Clinically, it can be made into compound preparations, tablets, and syrups, such as compound guaiacol potassium sulfonate oral solution, medical guaiacol glycerol ether, etc. You can also spot the guaiacol uses in the synthesis of dyes. 

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