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Stevia Rebaudia

Stevia rebaudia holds the features of high sweetness and low-calorie. The taste of this product is fresh, pure, and natural. We have US FDA GRAS certification for this product line, which is traceable. 

Specifications of Stevia Rebaudia

Botanical name: Stevia Rebaudia

Main specifications: Reb-A 20%-97%

Reb-C 20%-90%

Reb-D 60%-95%

SG 75%-95%

Enzyme conversion to stevia

Stevia flavor powder

Uses of Stevia Rebaudia

It can be used in candies, cakes, beverages, solid beverages, fried snacks, seasonings, preserves, etc., in appropriate amounts according to production needs.

Stevia Rebaudiana Benefits

Stevia rebaudiana is considered "calorie-free." Stevia is not strictly calorie-free, but it is significantly lower in calories than susrose.

Stevia's low calorie content makes it a healthy alternative to managing diabetes or losing weight.

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