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Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2

Appearing in the color of yellow or orange-yellow, this series of B2 protein powder is slightly soluble in water and almost insoluble in ethanol. It can realize deterioration under light, especially under alkaline conditions. As a professional vitamin b2 supplier, Saigao Nutri offers vitamin B2 for sale at reasonable prices. Get your vitamin B2 supplement now!

Vitamin B2;



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Specifications of B2 Protein Powder

Product Name

Vitamin B2

Chemical Name


Other Names




Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Vitamin B2 Structure

Vitamin B2 Structure

Project Indicators of B2 Protein Powder

Content (based on dry product)


Specific rotation (dry product)

-115 ° ~-135 °

Loss on drying

≤ 1.5%

Residue on ignition

≤ 0.1%

Basic Information of B2 Protein Powder

Food additives, feed additives. Comply with pharmacopeia USP29/BP2007

Packing specifications: Packed in cartons or drums, the net content of each box (barrel) is 25kg, and it can also be packed according to user needs.

Storage: Keep tightly closed and protected from light.

Validity period: sealed, three years

What Does B2 Vitamin Do?

What Does B2 Vitamin Do?

The main biochemical reactions involved with Vitamin B2 include energy generation of the respiratory chain, oxidation of amino acids and lipids, conversion of purine base to uric acid, hydroxylation of aromatic compounds, synthesis of protein and certain hormones, transport, storage and mobilization of iron, metabolism of folic acidand niacin, etc.

  • Normally, Vitamin B2 participates in the biological oxidation and energy metabolism in vivo and is related to the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and fats. The correct use of vitamin B2 powder can improve the utilization rate of proteins in the body, promote growth and development, and maintain the integrity of skin and cell membrane. Sufficient B2 complex vitamins supplement also has the function of protecting skin hair follicle mucosa and sebaceous glands.

  • Vitamin B2 also participates in the growth and metabolism of cells. It is the necessary nutrients for the metabolism and repair of body tissues, such as strengthening liver function, regulating the secretion of adrenaline.

  • Participating in the metabolism of vitamin B6 and niacin, B2 is a model of the coordination of B vitamins. 

  • It is related to the absorption, storage, and mobilization of iron. It also has antioxidant activity, which may be related to flavins - glutathione reductase.

What Are The Symptoms Of B2 Deficiency

When lacking vitamin B2, it will affect the biological oxidation of the organism and causes metabolic disorder. The deficiency of vitamin B2 is mostly manifested as the inflammation of the mouth, eyes, and external genital parts, such as keratitis, lip inflammation, glossitis, and ocular conjunctivitis. The B2 protein powder provided by Saigao Nutri can be used for the prevention and treatment of the above diseases. Your body's stores of vitamin B2 are limited, so your diet should provide it every day.

What Food Is High In Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is mainly present in the internal organs of animals, especially the liver of animals. Sea, snow red, celery, lean meat, rape, spinach, green garlic, kelp, and mushrooms also have rich vitamin B2. Milk, eggs, soy milk, etc. also contain a certain amount of vitamin B2 ingredients. Vitamin B2 is important to human health. It can prevent orality, tongue, eye psoriasis, stomatitis, dry skin dry, migraine, coronary heart disease, and cancer.

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