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Fermented Soybean Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is a protein derived from soybeans. You can use different types of soy protein to help you lose weight, gain strength, or build muscle. You can also manage your hormonal balance and reduce the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Protein is important for your overall health and promoting development. Soy protein isolate protein content is about 90%, more than that in soybean protein concentrate. Other plant proteins do not have the complete nutritional value like soybeans. You may need to add vitamins and minerals to the plant protein already present in soy protein.

Studies have shown that soy protein can also help your intestinal barrier, making it easier for your body to obtain nutrients. Researchers say that dietary soy protein also helps your immune defenses.

The soy protein isolate meaning is associated with the perfect high-quality protein supplement, bone health promotion and the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease reduction.

Product Analysis of Fermented Soybean Protein Isolate



Methods of Analysis


Light yellow or milky white powder

By visual perception



GB 5009.3

CP(Dry basis)


GB 5009.5



GB 5009.4



GB 5009.6

pH Value


5% slurry

Particle Size


100 mesh through

Standard Plate Count

n=5 c=2 m=5000cfu/g   M=10000cfu/g

GB 4789.2


n=5 c=1 m=10cfu/g  M=100cfu/g

GB 4789.3



GB 4789.4



GB 4789.10



GB 5009.12

Recommended Application Method of Fermented Soybean Protein Isolate

1. Blend YP932A with water and other ingredients at a certain ratio for soy crispy.

2. Dissolve YP932A into the solution at the ratio of 10%-20%, stir or homogenize as nitrogen sources or replace other nitrogen sources.·

3. Blend YP932A with other ingredients and put it into a culture medium.·

The above soy protein isolate uses is only for reference, customers can apply according to their own recipe.

Packing & Transportation of Fermented Soybean Protein Isolate:

The outer is the paper-polymer bag, the inner is food grade polythene plastic bag.
Net weight: 20kg /bag

Without pallet - 12MT/20’GP, 25MT/40’GP;
With pallet -10MT/20’GP, 20MT/40’GP;

Storage of Fermented Soybean Protein Isolate:

Store in dry and cool conditions, keep away from material with odor or of volatilization, protect from water and wet. It is best within 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Fermented Soy Protein Isolate Benefits

Fermented soy protein can prevent diseases and improve overall health to a certain extent. Trypsin inhibitor is removed during the fermentation process. These inhibitors can hinder your body's ability to absorb some of the health benefits of soy.

Fermented soybeans are believed to improve bone health. In 100 grams of Tempe, the DV content of calcium is 11%, the DV content of magnesium is 20%, the DV content of manganese is 65%, and the DV content of phosphorus is 27%. These nutrients are all related to bone health and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Heart health is also related to fermented soy products. Many fermented soy products contain a lot of nutrients that are good for heart health, such as niacin, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, potassium, and copper, which are essential for heart health.

Adding fermented soy products to the diet can also reduce menopausal symptoms. They are a great way to add soy isoflavones to your diet. They are compounds with estrogen-like effects, and soy is the richest source of isoflavones. They are available as glycosides in soybeans, including genistin, daidzin and daidzin.

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