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Resistant Dextrin(Soluble Tapioca Fiber)(Powder)

Resistant Dextrin(Soluble Tapioca Fiber)(Powder)

What is resistant dextrin soluble tapioca fiber? Let SAIGO explain this to you. Soluble tapioca fiber is a low-calorie sweetener that can be applied to many foods. Resistant dextrin tapioca fiber is made from non-GMO corn syrup and is a true keto-friendly fiber. Just like tapioca fiber syrup,  as low-calorie soluble food material, tapioca fiber keto powder has broad development prospects in the food industry.

CAS no: 9004-53-9

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Resistant Dextrin Tapioca Soluble Fiber Nutrition Facts



Test standard

Reference  Q/CSG0008S


Light yellow powder, no impurities, soft sweet

Water content,%


PH value


Dietary fiber content,%


Total Aerobic          Count(CFU/g)


Total Coliform



Is Soluble Tapioca Fiber Keto Friendly?

If you're new to a ketogenic diet or don't read labels much, whole foods are the easiest way to get enough fiber and make sure you stay on a ketogenic diet.

Organic soluble tapioca fibres and other anti-dextrins are ketone friendly. If you choose ketone-containing packaged foods, be sure to choose a trusted brand, such as Saigao Nutri, and read the nutrition label carefully.

What Are Other Names for Tapioca Resistant Dextrin Keto?

Soluble Tapioca Fiber

Soluble Fiber From Tapioca

Prebiotic Soluble Fiber From Tapioca

Non-Gmo Tapioca Fiber

Soluble Corn Fiber

Digestion Resistant Dextrin

Prebiotic Corn Fiber

Prebiotic Tapioca Fiber

Tapioca Starch Fiber

Tapioca Dextrin Fiber

Tapioca Soluble Fiber

Organic Tapioca Fiber

Keto Soluble Fiber

What Are the Benefits of Soluble Tapioca Fiber?

Tapioca Fiber is a prebiotic supplement that promotes the growth of good gut bacteria and enhances your overall health. Easy to add to your diet, Soluble tapioca fiber is extracted from the root of the cassava plant and is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium. 

Drinking soluble fiber from tapioca can lower your risk for certain diseases, including bowel problems. Tapioca fiber is a great choice for those who want to lower the risk of developing chronic onset diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Ingesting tapioca keto can improve blood sugar control and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by reducing inflammation in your body. With its health benefits including weight loss, improved brain function, cholesterol reduction, and increased satiety, it’s no wonder that soluble tapioca fiber is becoming one of the most sought-after fibers today!

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