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Vegetable Gum Soft Capsule

The shell of vegetarian softgels is derived from vegetable starch, such as cassava. This series of vegan softgels is of pure plant origin, which is different from animal gelatin.

Scope of Application

Healthy food

Features of Vegetarian Softgels

Vegetable gum soft capsules, also called vegetarian capsules, are mainly suitable for products of pure plant origin and other suspended oil products. Compared with animal glue products, vegan softgels is much safer. 

Product Index of Vegan Softgels

  • Meet food safety requirements.

  • Comply with relevant drug and food implementation standards.

  • Comply with the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

  • Meet the standards provided by customers.

  • In line with the concept of vegetarianism.

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