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Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid (70)

Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid (70)

Xylo-oligosaccharide liquid is functional polymeric sugars and is a high-efficiency prebiotic. Xylo-oligosaccharide is a common health supplement that is becoming more and more popular. There are no enzymes in the human gastrointestinal tract that hydrolyze xylo-oligosaccharides, so it can directly enter the large intestine and be used preferentially by bifidobacteria, promoting the proliferation of bifidobacteria and producing a variety of organic acids. It can reduce the PH value of the intestine, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and allow probiotics to proliferate in the intestines to achieve health care effects.

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Features of Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid (70)

Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid is one of the functional oligosaccharides with the best proliferation effect of bifidobacteria in the human intestine. It can improve intestinal peristalsis and imbalance of intestinal flora.

Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid can reduce the production of toxic fermentation products and harmful bacterial enzymes, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and diarrhea.

XOS will not be decomposed by human digestive enzymes, will not increase insulin levels in the blood, and will not cause fat deposition in the body, thereby preventing the body from gaining weight and preventing diabetes.

Reduce serum cholesterol, lower blood pressure, enhance the body's immunity, and play an anti-cancer role.

Specification of Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid (70)

Product name

Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid liquid


XOS 70


Viscous transparent liquid

Dry matter(Solid substance), %


XOS2-7 content (on dry basis), %


XOS2-4  content (on dry basis), %


Transmittance, %


Ash, %




Arsenic(As), mg/kg


Lead(Pb), mg/kg


Total Plate Count, CFU/g


Total Coliform, MPN/100g


Mold, CFU/g


Yeast, CFU/g


Application of Xylo-oligosaccharide Liquid (70)

Xylo-oligosaccharides cannot be absorbed by the human body and can only be used by microorganisms in the intestine, thereby promoting beneficial bacteria to produce small molecule fatty acids that are beneficial to the host, and selectively inhibiting the growth of harmful and pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Clostridium.  Xylo-oligosaccharides are considered to be soluble dietary fibers with prebiotic activity. It has been widely used in food and health products, and can be used as a flavor enhancer in food for diabetic patients.

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