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Fructose is a common hexone sugar. Existing in honey, fruit and combined with glucose to form daily consumption of sucrose. Fructose contains six carbon atoms, is also a monosaccharide, is the isomer of glucose.  It exists in a large number of free state in fruit juice and honey. Fructose can also bind with glucose to form sucrose.

The Properties of Fructose

Pure fructose is a colorless crystal with a melting point of 103~105℃. It is not easy to crystallize, usually a viscous liquid, soluble in water and ethanol. D-fructose is a kind of sweet monosaccharide. A new sugar, refined from various fruits and grains, with a strong sweetness, is known to more people. It exists among the main natural fruits and cereals. Fructose has good taste, high sweetness,1.8 times the sweetness of fructose, which is the sweetest sugar in all-natural sugars. Thus, the intake of fructose is only half of that sucrose under the same sweet standard. Compared with synthetic sugar, fructose is much more reliable in nutrition and safety.

The Applications of Fructose

Fructose can replace sucrose in fruit wine, fruit juice drinks, jams, canned fruits, candied fruit, hard candies, and hard-baked products. In ice cream, ice cream, soft candies, and soft bakery products, it can be partially replaced, and the replacement amount is 10-50.

  • Frozen food

Fructose increases in sweetness at low temperatures and has a low freezing point, which has good control over the formation of ice crystals. Therefore, fructose syrup is more suitable for ice cream and other frozen foods. Popsicles and ice cream produced with fructose syrup have a clear flavor. But in the production of popsicles, fructose syrup cannot be used entirely, but should be mixed with sucrose, otherwise the freezing speed is slow and the freezing effect is not good.

In addition, fructose has an important effect on the texture and melting of ice cream. Ice cream using fructose can still maintain a good appearance, texture, and flavor after long-term storage, while sucrose is not good.

  • Sports drinks, energy drinks

This is a new type of food developed in Europe and the United States based on the characteristics of fructose. It takes full advantage of the fast absorption and metabolism of fructose and can quickly replenish energy to the body.

Crystalline fructose is the basic raw material for sports and energy drinks. This drink can be used for physical exercise, physical work, or fatigue. This type of beverage not only increases physical strength and endurance, but also maintains physical strength and quickly eliminates fatigue.

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