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High Maltose Powder

High Maltose Powder is a carbohydrate of maltose, are a sweetener and filler. It is a white powder of high-quality starch hydrolyzed by the double enzymatic method, decolorized, refined by separation, concentrated, and spray-dried. Its main components are maltose and a small amount of malt polymer. Used in the production of bread, pastries, and beer, and can delay the aging of starch in pastries. It has good anti-crystallinity and is used in the manufacture of jam and jelly to prevent the crystallization of sucrose and prolong the shelf life of commodities. Maltose is used in the confectionery industry to replace starch syrup produced by acid hydrolysis. Not only does the product taste soft, the sweetness is moderate, the product is not easy to color, but the hard candy has good transparency and has good sand resistance and endurance, thereby extending the shelf life.



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