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High Fructose Syrup

High Fructose Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is produced by the hydrolysis of corn starch and is a starch saccharide. Under the current situation where the price of corn is relatively stable, the production cost will not increase, so the market price of high fructose corn sugar is stable. The starch sugar industry complies with the agricultural industrialization policy. Under the influence of the national "three rural" policies, under the continuous improvement of the starch sugar industry production technology and the continuous expansion of the scale, the production cost of high fructose corn syrup will rapidly decrease, and with the fructose syrup in the food, as well as the continuous improvement of application technology, the price-performance ratio with sucrose will be more prominent. More and more people will understand fructose syrup, and more and more food companies will also choose it. Therefore, in the food industry, fructose syrup partial replacement of sucrose will become inevitable. Products with high fructose corn syrup include bread, ketchup, sausage, yogurt, and wine. If you want to buy high fructose corn syrup, Saigao Nutri, as one of the professional high fructose corn syrup manufacturers in China, offers high fructose corn syrup for sale at great prices. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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Features of High Fructose Syrup

  • Sweet

Sweetness includes two aspects of sweetness and flavor. The former refers to the intensity of sweetness, and the latter refers to the palatability of sweetness. As a sweetener, sweetness should be the most fundamental property.

The sweetness evaluation of sweeteners is determined by specially trained personnel through sensory evaluation of sensory organs, usually using sucrose as a comparison. We specify the sweetness of sucrose as 100, then the sweetness of fructose is 150, fructose syrup The sweetness of 42 sugar is 90-100, while the sweetness of crystalline glucose, maltose and glucose (DE value 42) are 75, 60, and 50 respectively. When comparing the sweetness, we mix various sugars into 15% The concentration of sugar solution, the sweetness of the fructose syrup is the same as sucrose, which refers to the dry-based sweetness ratio in this case. Generally, the sweetness of people is the sugar concentration between 10% and 25%.

The biggest advantage of fructose syrup is that it contains a considerable amount (42% -90%) of fructose. Therefore, it is used together with other sweeteners in sweetness characteristics. It has an excellent synergistic effect and can improve the taste of food and beverages. Reduce bitterness and strange smell. The combined use of fructose syrup and sucrose can increase its sweetness by 20% -30%, and it is full of sweetness and better flavor. Fructose syrup, cyclamate, saccharin, etc. also have synergistic effects. When fructose and saccharin are mixed in the same sweetness ratio, the sweetness synergy is the most obvious, and it can mask the bitterness brought by saccharin. Beverages containing 3.5% fructose and 0.0136% saccharin are equivalent to those containing 10% sucrose in sweetness.

The main components and properties of fructose syrup are close to those of natural fruit juices. It has a fruity fragrance. In terms of taste, the sweetness of taste is stronger than sucrose, and it has a refreshing feeling because the sugar in fruit juice is mainly fructose and glucose. For example, the concentration of grape juice is 19.13%, 96.86% of the dry matter is sugar, fructose in the sugar composition is 40.98%, glucose is 35.86%, and there are sucrose and maltose.

  • The cold sweetness of fructose:

The sweetness of fructose has a great relationship with the temperature. The lower the temperature below 40 ℃, the higher the sweetness of fructose, up to 1.73 times that of sucrose; the reason for cold sweetness is that fructose has two molecular configurations; alpha and beta The sweetness of α-type fructose is 3 times that of β-type fructose. At low temperatures, part of β-type fructose is converted into α-type fructose, which increases the sweetness.

Because of this feature. Fructose syrup is suitable for refreshing drinks and other cold foods and drinks, such as carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, popsicles, ice cream, etc.

  • High fructose solubility

The solubility of fructose is the highest among sugars. When the temperature is 20 ℃, 30 ℃, 40 ℃, 50 ℃, the solubility of fructose is 1.88 times, 2.0 times, 2.3 times, 3.1 times of sucrose. The solubility of glucose is lower than that of sucrose, and the solubility of fructose and glucose increases with temperature faster than that of sucrose.

Jam and candied foods use the preservation properties of sugar, which requires high solubility of sugar. When the sugar concentration is above 70%, the growth of yeast and mold can be inhibited. Sucrose alone cannot meet this requirement, while fructose syrup can. The fructose syrup concentration of 42% fructose can reach 77%.

Fructose has good crystal resistance:

Fructose is more difficult to crystallize than sucrose, and it can exhibit anti-crystallinity in some foods.

  • Fructose has good moisturizing properties:

Fructose is an amorphous monosaccharide, which easily absorbs water from the air, with half and one molecule of crystalline water, it is highly hygroscopic, has good moisture retention and drying resistance, this feature can keep cakes fresh Loose, thus extending the shelf life of the product.

  • Fructose syrup has high osmotic pressure:

Differences in the concentration of substances cause osmotic pressure. The osmotic pressure of sugar is related to the molecular size of the substance, that is, to the molecular weight, and the osmotic pressure of the substance with a small molecular weight is greater than the substance with a large molecular weight. The main component of fructose syrup is monosaccharides, small molecular weight, high osmotic pressure, and disaccharides (such as sucrose), which can be used for the production of candied fruit, candied fruit can shorten the sugar picking time. High osmotic pressure can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms, thereby having antiseptic and fresh-keeping effects, so fructose syrup is used for food preservation, which is more beneficial than sucrose.

  • Fructose syrup has good fermentation performance:

Fructose syrup is superior to sucrose in yeast fermentation for food processing. Yeast can use glucose, fructose, sucrose, and maltose to ferment, but glucose and fructose are monosaccharides, which can be directly used by yeast. The fermentation speed is fast. In the production of bread and pastry using yeast, it can produce more gas and loose food.

  • Fructose syrup is good against caries:

Fructose is not a suitable substrate for oral microorganisms. The bacteria in the oral cavity have poor fermentability for fructose, which is beneficial to protect tooth enamel and is not easy to cause caries.

  • Chemical stability:

Fructose and glucose have reducibility (reducing the molecules of certain substances), chemical stability is worse than sucrose, fructose is more susceptible to thermal decomposition than glucose, and the browning coloring reaction is known as the Maillard reaction. The colored substance produced by the Maillard reaction has a special flavor; when producing bread-dried food, a beautiful caramelized surface, and caramel flavor can be obtained.

Sucrose undergoes a hydrolysis reaction under acidic conditions to convert fructose and glucose, known in the industry as invert sugar. The acidity of carbonated beverages is between PH2.5-5, and the added sucrose will be completely converted in 2-3 months under the storage condition of 25 ℃

Both glucose and fructose have a most stable PH value, glucose is most stable at pH 3.0, and fructose is most stable at 3.3. Therefore, fructose syrup has a stable environment in certain foods (such as carbonated drinks and canned acidic fruits).

  • Metabolic properties:

The form of sugar (including a lot of ingested starch) absorbed by the body is glucose. Sucrose is a disaccharide, which needs to be converted into fructose and glucose before being consumed. We eat fructose syrup, in which fructose and glucose can be directly absorbed, which is very beneficial to illness, weakness, pregnancy, and infants

High Fructose Corn Syrup Health Effects

High Fructose Corn Syrup Health Effects

High fructose corn sugar, like glucose, can be injected directly into the blood, but sucrose cannot. The high fructose corn syrup for sale also has a special detoxification effect, which can greatly reduce the burden on the liver, so many antidotes for poisoning can be used. In addition, fructose can also inhibit the consumption of protein in the body and can be used as a nutritional supplement for athletes and manual workers.

High fructose corn sugar can promote the decomposition of ethanol and has an anti-drunk effect. There are many aspects in this regard, which need to be further explored in the future. According to some reports, fructose has a good effect on hepatitis, cirrhosis, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and so on. Fructose has a certain curative effect on the loss of protein supplemented with surgical operations, for pregnancy obstruction, gastritis, gastritis, gastric ulcer, skin disease, and dysplasia in children.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Effects On Brain

High Fructose Corn Syrup Effects On Brain

First of all, the human body digests high fructose syrup differently from white sugar. After ingestion, it directly enters the liver and releases enzymes to instruct the body to store fat. In turn, this will increase blood cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels at the same time. In addition, it also inhibits insulin secretion. One of the functions of insulin is to let people know that you are full, so the high-fructose syrup will make you eat more than usual.

Population studies also found that the time when obesity became an epidemic happened to be when high-fructose syrup began to be added to food. In addition, another health hazard of high fructose syrup is that it reduces the level of the mineral chromium. The deficiency of chromium increases the risk of diabetes.

In addition, nutritionists believe that large amounts of this sweetener can also cause other health problems, such as shortening lifespan.

High fructose syrup not only causes weight gain but also causes weight to accumulate in the abdomen. Nutritionists believe that excessive abdominal fat is more likely to cause heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Uses

Fructose syrup is a product that can completely replace sucrose. Like sucrose, it can be widely used in the food and beverage industry, especially in the beverage industry. Its flavor and taste are better than sucrose. The rise in the price of sucrose makes the application of fructose syrup in food, beverage, and other industries full advantage. The sweetness of high fructose corn syrup is close to that of sucrose with the same concentration, and the flavor is a bit similar to natural fruit juice. Due to the presence of fructose, high fructose corn sugar has a refreshing and refreshing feeling. On the other hand, fructose syrup has cold sweetness below 40 ° C, and the sweetness increases with decreasing temperature. Fructose syrup completely replaces sucrose, and its sweetness is equivalent to about 90% of the same concentration of sucrose. When partially replacing sucrose, the total sweetness is still the same as sucrose of the same concentration due to the synergistic effect of fructose, glucose, and sucrose sweetness. Replacing sucrose with fructose syrup in foods and beverages is not only technically feasible but also highlights the fragrant and refreshing characteristics of fructose syrup. The production of fructose syrup is not subject to regional and seasonal restrictions, the equipment is relatively simple, and the investment cost is low. As a professional fructose supplier, we can provide you with high-quality high fructose corn syrup.

Application of Fructose Syrup in Food Industry

Because high fructose corn syrup is as sweet as sucrose and has its own characteristics, its application field is wider than that of sucrose; it is widely used not only in the food industry and health food but also in the pharmaceutical industry, household seasonings, daily chemicals There are applications. In all applications, the food industry is the main application area. In terms of the proportion structure of applied varieties, the United States is like this:

74.5% is used for beverages; 9.3% is used for bread; 4.2% is used for canning; 8.2% is used for dairy products; 0.5% is used for candy;

  • Application in various beverages

1.Used for non-alcoholic beverages. Such beverages are also called soft drinks, mainly referring to carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, sports drinks, milk drinks, and so on. The products using fructose syrup are refreshing and have good flavor; they are mild without odor, with good transparency, and no turbidity. Since fructose syrup is made with ion exchange resin, it has low ash content, few precipitates and flocs, and good stability, unlike sucrose which will be converted at low pH. The formula can be used to replace sucrose 1: 1 on a dry basis.

2.Used for alcoholic beverages. This category includes fruit wine processed with fructose syrup; such as wine, cider, sherbet, rice wine; other preparations such as beer, champagne, etc., after pretreatment can avoid product precipitation, good transparency, when using high sugar content preparation (20 degrees Above) The honey has a remarkable flavor.

High fructose corn syrup is highly soluble, easy to dissolve, and easy to use. For products that require reducing sugar, the production process can be simplified. Because of the use of sucrose production, need to add acid to convert sucrose into fructose and glucose.

  • Application in cold food

The sweetness of high fructose corn syrup for sale increases at low temperatures, and fructose syrup is suitable for cold foods. Popsicles and ice cream produced with fructose syrup have a clear fragrance. However, in the production of popsicles, fructose syrup cannot be used in its entirety but should be mixed with sucrose, otherwise, the freezing speed is slow and the freezing situation is not good. It is used for other refreshing beverages and can be consumed at low temperatures, with a particularly good flavor.

  • Application in bread

When fructose syrup is used in bread production, the fermentability, coking, and moisturizing properties of fructose are used as advantages.
Bread is a food fermented by yeast. Yeast uses fructose and glucose to ferment the fastest, followed by maltose and sucrose. Fructose syrup replaces sugar cane candy, the fermentation reaction is fast and good, a large amount of gas is produced, and the bread fermentation time is shortened. Due to the high gas production, the bread is soft, chews soft, and slightly moist. Just like using sucrose, the bread has good strength and structure.

Due to the Maillard reaction of fructose and glucose during drying, the bread is easy to color, and the surface layer produces a brownish yellow color, which is beautiful and has a good flavor

Due to the good moisture retention of fructose, the bread can be kept fresh and soft for a long time, which is beyond the reach of sucrose bread.

  • Application in soft pastries and sandwich pastries.

Due to the good thermal insulation of fructose, fructose syrup is very effective for cake production. We have tested it. The fructose cake is still fluffy after being stored for 30 days and the sucrose cake dries hard after a few days. The surface layer is broken for a longer time, and The weight loss of fructose cakes during storage is less than that of sucrose cakes.

It is used for sandwich foods such as Mid-Autumn Festival. It has a good flavor and no peculiar smell. The temperature of the cake core is lower than 100 ℃, so it does not cause burnt bitterness.

Application in confectionery

Fructose has good hygroscopicity and is prone to scorch reaction to produce colored substances. Therefore, fructose syrup is unfavorable for the production of confectionery, especially it is not suitable for the production of hard candy with a clean and dry surface. Moisture on the surface causes stickiness. Sorghum glutinous starch fudge, agar fudge, etc., the finished product requires high reduction content and high water content. In the past, sucrose was used to add organic acids to partially convert it into fructose and glucose, so fructose syrup was used to produce fudge It should be an ideal thing. To reduce acid conversion, product quality is also ideal. However, the proportion of substitute sugar cannot be too large, otherwise, the reducing sugar in the finished product is too high and exceeds the product quality standards.

In the production of confectionery, a large amount of liquid glucose (DH value 42) must be used. There is a cooking process in the production. The temperature at which the color changes (producing colored matter) is called the cooking temperature. It is 130 ° C. The boiling temperature of fructose syrup is roughly equivalent to Grade B glucose. Therefore, it is problematic to produce high-grade soft candy, and the production of general soft candy is fine.

Application in canned fruits

Fructose syrup has a higher osmotic pressure than sucrose. Fructose reaches equilibrium quickly through the cell wall, which improves the stability of the processing process and is not affected by PH (pH).
Fructose also has an affinity to fruit, which can also prevent the fruit flavor from escaping, which is conducive to maintaining fruit flavor.

Application in candied fruit (preserved fruit) and jam

Because of the high osmotic pressure, the fructose syrup can penetrate quickly when it is processed. The production time can be shortened, mixed with sucrose, the finished product has a bright color. Because of its high osmotic pressure, it is used in preserves and jams and has good antiseptic properties, which is conducive to preservation.

  • Can be used as medicinal syrup: Because fructose and glucose can be directly absorbed, it is more beneficial for patients to process medicinal syrup. Cough biking, loquat, etc. can be.

  • Can be used as medicinal wine: the use of fructose syrup has high solubility, convenient operation, and good flavor.

  • Can be used as health food: use fructose syrup to process health foods for sick and weak pregnant infants; tooth decay is a common dental disease in children. Use fructose syrup to process children's special food or directly use it as a sweetener. benefit. The practice has proved that this kind of children's food is very effective in reducing children's tooth decay.

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