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Acesulfame k sweetener is a kind of food additive, chemical name is potassium acetylsulfonate, also known as AK sugar, appearance is white crystalline powder, it is an organic synthetic salt, and its taste is similar to sugarcane, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. The chemical property of acesulfame is stable, and it is not easy to appear decomposition failure; Does not participate in body metabolism and provide energy; The sweetness is high and the price is cheap; No cariogenic; It has good stability to heat and acid, and is the fourth generation of synthetic sweetener in the world. It can produce a strong synergistic effect when mixed with other sweeteners and can increase the sweetness by 20%~40% under general concentration.

Physical Property of Acesulfame K Sweetener

Character: colorless or white, odorless, crystal powder with a strong sweet taste

Solubility: easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol

Solid density: 1.512 g/cm3

Optical absorption: maximum absorption peak in the ultraviolet 227nm range

Chemical Property of Acesulfame K Sweetener

Stability: The product has good stability. It has not been decomposed for 10 years under bulk conditions at room temperature. The sweetness of the aqueous solution (pH=3.0-3.5, 20 ℃) has not decreased for about two years. Although it decomposes after several months at 40 ℃, its stability is good during the heating process. Sterilization and pasteurization do not affect its taste.

Application of Potassium Acesulfame K Sweetener

As a non-nutritive sweetener, Acesulfame K has almost no change in its concentration when used in food and beverage within the general pH range. It can be mixed with other sweeteners, especially with aspartame and cyclohexyl sulfamate. It can be widely used in solid drinks, pickles, candied fruits, gums, and various foods with table sweeteners.

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