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XOS Syrup-(XYLO-OLIGOSACCHARIDE LIQUID) has unique advantages, it can selectively promote the proliferation activity of intestinal bifidobacteria. One of the difference between oligosaccharides and polysaccharides is that, XOS Syrup's function of bifidogenic factor is 10-20 times, higher than that of other polysaccharides. Xylo Syrup-(XYLO-OLIGOSACCHARIDE LIQUID)  is recognized as s super prebiotics bifidogenic factor and a healthy food to balance the microecological environment in human intestinal tract.

CAS no: 6587-31-1

Properties of Liquid XOS Supplement

Experiments have shown that almost all kinds of digestive juices cannot decompose XOS supplements, and their energy value is almost zero. They neither affect the blood sugar concentration nor increase the insulin level in blood sugar, and do not form fat deposits, so the liquid XOS supplement can be used in low energy. It plays a role in food and satisfies the requirements of those who love desserts but are worried about diabetes and obesity. Therefore, diabetic, obese, and hypoglycemic patients can eat with confidence.

Even under acidic conditions (PH=2.5-7) heated to 100 ℃, the liquid XOS supplement basically does not decompose, and some functional oligosaccharides are easily decomposed under acidic conditions so that their activity to promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria is reduced.

Applications of Liquid XOS Supplement

  • Application in beverages

The acid and thermal stability of XOS supplement make it have obvious advantages in acidic beverages. In addition to the highly selective proliferation of bifidobacteria, the addition of XOS oligosaccharide can also impart low-sugar and low-calorie characteristics to the beverage, which is nutritious and healthy. The dual value helps to upgrade product functions and meet the needs of different consumer groups for beverages.

  • Application in baked goods

Baked food is a kind of food that uses cereals as the basic raw material and oil, sugar, eggs, etc. as the main raw materials. It is characterized by high oil, high sugar, and even high salt sugar, so it is very unsuitable for consumers who need to restrict their diet. The research and development results of xylo-oligosaccharide cake show that adding liquid xylooligosaccharides to the cake formula can give the cake low-sugar and sugar-free properties, and realize the functionalization of the product. The finished cake has a soft mouthfeel, unique flavor, and tissue state. It is uniform and suitable for the general taste. At the same time, this healthy low-calorie sweetener also has the effect of improving the bifidobacteria in the human intestine. Reducing water activity, the addition of liquid xylooligosaccharides to baked foods is conducive to product moisture control and prolongs shelf life.

Functions of Liquid XOS Supplement

  • Reduce the production of toxic fermentation products and harmful bacterial enzymes

Human body and in vitro fecal culture experiments show that within 3 weeks of ingestion, the body can reduce the production of 44.6% of toxic fermentation products and 40.9% of harmful bacterial enzymes.

  • Inhibit pathogenic bacteria and diarrhea

Xylooligosaccharides have a strong adsorption capacity for pathogenic bacteria. Because xylooligosaccharides syrup are not degraded by digestive enzymes in the intestine, they can carry attached pathogenic bacteria out of the body through the intestine, thereby preventing diseases from clustering in the intestine and preventing diarrhea. the goal of.

  • Prevent constipation

Bifidobacterium uses xylooligosaccharides syrup to produce a large amount of short-chain fatty acids; it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, increase fecal moistness, and maintain a certain osmotic pressure, thereby preventing constipation.

  • Protect liver function

Intake of XOS supplement can reduce the formation of toxic metabolites and greatly reduce the burden on the liver to decompose toxins.

  • Lower serum cholesterol

Ingestion of xylooligosaccharides syrup for 2 weeks to 3 months can reduce total serum cholesterol by 20-50dl. It can also increase the ratio of multi-density lipoprotein cholesterol to total cholesterol in women's serum.

  • Lower blood pressure

Studies have shown that after 46 hyperlipidemia patients ingested xylo-oligosaccharides syrup for 5 weeks, their diastolic blood pressure dropped by an average of 799.8Pa (6mmHg).

  • Enhance the body's immunity and fight cancer.

The results of a large number of experiments show that the proliferation of bifidobacteria in the intestines can play an anti-cancer effect.

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