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Resistant Maltodextrin Powder

Resistant Maltodextrin Powder

Resistant Maltodextrin Powder is digestive-resistant maltodextrin fibre that is widely used in beverages, frozen food, candy, cereal, dairy products, health products and other industries, but also in textile, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical production. The Resistant Maltodextrin Powder, produced by Saigao Nutri, a professional maltodextrin supplier, our bulk maltodextrin powder is of the best quality and with a very competitive maltodextrin cost. Welcome to get a free quote in the following!

CAS no: 9004-53-9

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Resistant Maltodextrin Powder Analysis



Test standard

Reference  Q/CSG0008S


Light yellow powder, no impurity, soft sweet

Water content,%


PH value


Dietary fiber content,%


Total Aerobic          Count(CFU/g)


Total Coliform



Resistant Maltodextrin Powder Application

When resistant maltodextrin powder is added to milk powder and other dairy products, the volume of the product will be expanded, it is not easy to agglomerate, it is instant, has good flushing property, prolongs the shelf life of the product, reduces the cost and improves the economic benefit. It can also improve the ratio of nutrition, increase the specific value of nutrition, and be easily digested and absorbed. The role of the maltodextrin supplement in the preparation of functional milk powder, especially sugar-free milk powder and infant feeding milk powder has been confirmed. The dosage is 5% ~ 20%.

Just like you can add polydextrose in food, maltodextrin fiber can also act as a food ingredient. It can be used in nutritional leisure food such as soybean milk powder, instant cereal and wheat milk essence, which has a good taste and instant thickening effect, avoids precipitation stratification, absorbs the smell of bean or milk smell, prolongs the retention period, and the reference dosage is 10% ~ 25%.

When used in solid drinks, such as milk tea, fruit crystal, instant tea, and solid tea, maltodextrin fiber can keep the characteristics and fragrance of the original product, reduce the cost, make the product taste mellow and delicate, with strong flavor and excellent instant effect, and inhibit crystallization. The emulsification effect is good and the carrier effect is obvious. The reference dosage is 10% ~ 30%. The maltodextrin of de24-29, which is suitable for the production of a coffee partner, can be used as much as 70%.

Digestion resistant maltodextrin can be used in fruit juice drinks, such as coconut milk juice, peanut almond juice, and various lactic acid drinks. For instance, if you buy a bottle of strawberry juice, you intake maltodextrin, because the dietary fiber in strawberries is very rich. It has a strong emulsifying ability, the original nutritional flavor of fruit juice is unchanged, easy to be absorbed by the human body, the viscosity is improved, the product is pure, stable, and not easy to precipitate. For sports drinks, maltodextrin in the human body's metabolism, the consumption of heat energy is easy to maintain balance, and a load of digestion and absorption of the stomach is small. The reference dosage is 5% ~ 15%.

Resistant Maltodextrin Powder Function

Resistant Maltodextrin Powder Function

Used to reduce the freezing point

In ice cream, ice cream and popsicle, the freezing point of this water-soluble dietary fiber can be changed without changing the soluble solid content of the system. The growth of ice crystal can be inhibited. The ice crystal can be expanded fine, and the viscosity of this series is also very good. The sweetness is mild, the mouth is clean, and the taste is good.

Used to reduce the sweetness of the system

When resistant maltodextrin powder is added to the candy, the sweetness of the system can be reduced, the toughness of the candy can be increased, the sand returning and closing can be prevented. The system's flavor can be improved, and the flavor of the system can be improved shelf life can be prolonged. This maltodextrin use in food is also of positive significance for the prevention of dental caries, hypertension, and diabetes.

Substitute fat

Resistant maltodextrin powder can form a gelatin structure and retain moisture. It is often used as a texture modifier. When devalue is 3 ~ 5, it can produce texture and taste similar to fat, and it is a high-quality fat substitute. Often used as salad, ice cream, sausages, and other fat substitutes. It can also play the role of substitute grease in powder grease.

As a professional maltodextrin company/manufacturer, Saigao Nutri has high-quality bulk powders maltodextrin for sale, contact us now to buy maltodextrin powder!

Resistant Dextrin Powder--Technical Data Sheet
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